Deck & Fence Painting Services

Is your deck or fence in need of a spruce up? A paint job can make all the difference, providing instant curb appeal without much effort or difficulty. At least, that’s the case when you hire our company to do the tough part for you! Whether it’s stain or paint, Five Star Painting can improve the look of your deck or fence quickly and efficiently, leaving behind a clean work area. Our team offers excellent services for all of our clients’ paint needs—both residential and commercial. We’re proud of our reputation for excellent service.

Deck & Fence Services We Offer

In addition to painting and staining, we also offer the following services:

  • Deck Restoration: There is an increase of using decks that are weathered. The protruding nails may cause significant difficulties. We replace worn out slats and give them a unique finishing touch.
  • Concrete Cleaning: We have the right tools to create even the most resistant floors and to clean whatever liquids or stains may have spilled on your floor.
  • Pressure Cleaning: This cleaning is customized for all kinds of services whether painted or not. Regular cleaning is a necessity for your home if you need it to have a natural look.