Pre-Construction Services

Stalvey Inc. offers a full range of pre-construction services to our commercial & residential clients. From drafting floor plans and office designs to assisting with site survey and any other project management needs your company may have, our North Georgia pre-construction service specialists are here to help you in any way they can to ensure your commercial & residential remodeling or construction project is a complete success.

Proper planning for a commercial & residential construction project helps to control costs and ensure that your project doesn’t go over budget. When you need pre-construction services that give you the overall planning, coordination, and control over your project from beginning to end, count on Stalvey Inc.

Services We Offer

Pre-construction is the phase of your building project that entails all the steps to begin your commercial & residential remodeling, renovations, or new builds. This part of your project is of vital importance because your finished results count on this phase of the construction to be done right. Otherwise, you could face delays caused by poor planning or improper design.

Pre-Construction Services May Include:

  • Cost estimates
  • Design Costs & Permitting Evaluations
  • Studies
  • Value Engineering
  • Value Analysis
  • Scheduling
  • Constructability Reviews
  • Survey
  • Design

Your commercial & residential construction project requires proper planning and execution to keep within budget and within your time constraints. Unfortunately for many property owners, the construction contractors they put their trust in just can’t provide good results whether it’s because they’re under staffed or don’t have the experience.

Our licensed North Georgia general contractor company can provide you with all pre-construction services so your project is handled all the way through from start to finish with expertise. That’s what we can give you here at Stalvey Inc.